KeKe Palmer’s Jet Black Pixie Is Back

KeKe Palmer

After a stint of rocking a daring honey blonde pixie and bold body piercings to match, KeKe Palmer is back to her jet black pixie cut.

While filming her most recent film, Brotherly Love, the actress opted for her signature, long tresses but don’t be fooled, KeKe is still proudly repping for team #TeamShortHairDontCare. During a press run in New York City for her next project, Scream Queens, the 21-year-old posed for a cute flick in a color-blocked, bodycon dress by Victoria Beckham, simple, yet effective, cream strappy sandals, and, of course, her fly pixie cut.

Ladies, are you feeling KeKe’s demure pixie or do you prefer her blonde or maybe even weaved up to perfection?