11 Hydrating Skin & Hair Products With Avocado

avoI’ve always been crazy about the green stuff! Turns out, avocado really is a super-food. It has several health and beauty benefits all wrapped up and sealed within its rough skin. Did you know an avocado has double the amount of potassium a banana has? They contain a good amount of Vitamin C and Vitamin E, as well as fatty acids for moisturizing.

Both natural and relaxed hair can benefit from its nutrients and many argue that you would find it hard to find anything else in nature that’s as good for black hair. You can best take advantage of the vitamins and nutrients they provide my adding them into you diet, but what if you for some reason hate the way they taste?

Well, beauty and cosmetics companies have also realized the beauty benefits they have and have started adding avocados into many of their products. Click through for several beauty products that contain the super-food you can never get enough of.

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