Double Take: Celebs Whose Styles Are Eerily Similar

beyonce - hypehairSerbian pop star Jelena Karleusa is back at it.

First, she claimed that Kim Kardashian was jacking her style after she rocked a bleach blonde wig and a similar outfit, and now she wants to rumble with the Bey. After Beyoncé broke the internet with her fierce Met Gala gown, Karleusa took to her Instagram account and shared with her 530K followers a collage of photos claiming Beyonce stole her style with the caption, “It’s called ORIGINALITY. You should try it sometime.”

While Beyoncés team has yet to address the situation, we must say the collage has us hesitantly giving side-eye. But as we all know, there are the two sides of the story and then the truth.

Ladies, what do you think? Did Beyoncé copy Jelena’s stye or is this just a coincidence? Continue clicking to check out 8 other celebrities whose styles are similar, too.

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