10 Hair Products Made Especially For Humid Weather

frizzy-hair-humidity-hypehairYou spend a lot of precious time doing your hair. Twisting, twirling and defining the perfect curl, only to step outside and see your hair blow up into one big puffball. Humidity is one of natural hair’s worst enemies and frankly, depending on what area of the country you live it, there is now way to avoid it. The best thing we can do,is try and figure out how our hair reacts to humid weather and find the best product to combat it

Anti-humectant products are ideal if you live in a humid climate. Essentially, they are used to block moisture. There are many products that claim to be anti-humectant, but the one you choose should be based on your hair type, style and expectations. For instance, if you’re straightening your hair, you would want to use a serum. But if your goal is keeping your curls defined, you may want to go for a product with a heavier consistency.

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