Hype Chat: Sherri Shepherd Speaks To Our Inner Diva, Shares Inspiration For New Wig Collection

Sherri Shepherd - Now by LuxHair

HH: Why do you think wigs have become such a popular styling option for so many women today?
SS: Wigs are like an accessory. You can be what you want to be! That’s the beauty about wigs and why they have become such a popular styling option.  If you ever wondered what you would look like with a short haircut like Toni Braxton—you don’t need to cut your hair!  Go get a wig and try it out.  If you want long blonde waves like Beyoncé, go get a wig and try it.You can try it and you don’t have to be stuck into one look.

I also think a lot of women are multitasking and we have kids, husbands, jobs and we don’t have time to sit in the beauty salon for hours anymore. I love wigs because they give you such a different look. At any time you can pull a wig out of the box, shake it, and throw it on. I go from short to long to curly to straight and I love that I can have so much variety with hair.

HH: What are some of the hot trends for wigs this season?
SS: One of the biggest trends for wigs this season is playing with color! It’s all about switching up your style and trying something new. Many people have been favoring shorter styles, which I love, and trying different shades to go along with a shorter ‘do. Have you always wanted to try being a redhead? You can! You can get those new on-trend colors without the commitment or damage of dyeing your hair.

HH: Can you share your at-home wig care and style tips with our readers?
SS: The most important wig-wearing style tip is to have confidence! The right attitude is key to pulling off any hairstyle you wear. To keep your wigs looking beautiful and long lasting, it’s important to take care of them at home too. Make sure you brush the hair to avoid tangles. Be sure to hang it on a wig stand because this will help it maintain the shape and style of the wig. Be gentle when washing and only use cold water!

HH: How does a woman find the right wig for her personality and style?
SS: I believe that women can wear whatever style they want as long as they love how they look! Confidence will make any woman’s personality shine through no matter what look they’re wearing. Embracing a new style can be fun and add variety to your look. The best part about it is that you have so many options and aren’t stuck with one look. You can go from long and straight to short and curly depending on whatever you’re in the mood for.

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