Hype Chat: Gospel Artist Tasha Cobbs Captivates With Her Powerful Voice And Down-To-There Hair

http://gracecommunity1.org/wp-content/uploads/2015/02/tasha-cobb-199x300.jpgGrammy-winning gospel artist Tasha Cobbs is known for her powerhouse vocals and down-to-there hair. While she is able to touch hundreds of thousands with her meaningful words, she also captivates with her contemporary hair and fashion choices. Cobbs lets her look, which she defines as “grungy/chic,” make a presence everywhere she goes.

“I’m always comfortable enough to run freely across a stage, but chic enough to catch the fashion eye!” And when you wear 32 inches of bone-straight hair down your back, you definitely catch the eyes of many.

We recently spoke with Cobbs about her music, her fashion and, of course, her hair. Click through for our chat and learn more about her unique recording process and her hair tales.

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