9 Red Lips For Every Shade of Black Girl

red-lip-for-all-hypehairRemember when a certain rapper (A$AP Rocky) said he didn’t think dark-skinned women should wear red lipstick? Darker complected women did not take to this lightly, as they shouldn’t have! But, although he was the one who caught the backlash, I do know he’s not the only one who feels this way. There have been a plethora of self-proclaimed lipstick police who’ve tried to limit what brown girls can rock. Well, those people are very wrong. A red lip is for everyone! You just have to know which shade, depending on your skin tone, is most flattering on you.

Click through for nine lipsticks along with the shade of brown we feel it would flatter the most. Don’t get us wrong, though, this is not a set of rules. You should feel free to switch it up, mix and blend. Doing your own thing and experimenting is when you most often come up with something great.

Also, if you already own red lipsticks that you feel have failed you, don’t trash them just yet. You never know what it may look like mixed with another color, under the perfect gloss or coupled with the right liner.

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