Miss Jessie’s Co-Founder Miko Says Sister’s Boyfriend Led Her to Suicide


Late last year, family, friends, and fans of Miss Jessie’s were devastated when co-founder Titi Branch committed suicide. Her life, which seemed perfect on the outside, was actually clouded with extortion and control through her boyfriend, alleges her sister, fellow co-founder Miko Branch. According to court papers filed at the Manhattan Supreme Court, Miko is accusing her sister’s boyfriend, Anthony Spadafora of being the reason behind her death.

The New York Post reports Branch filed papers accusing Spadafora of extracting “hundreds of thousands of dollars from Titi to launch his own beard-care business, Maestro’s Classics; $420,000 to buy and renovate a Pennsylvania house; and a $135,000 interest-free loan,” in a little over two years.

His influence made her sever ties with her family and change Anthony to the beneficiary of her $2 million life insurance. She also claims her sister was leaving her boyfriend after he made advances to her trainer, but he “took extreme measures to stop her [like] sending compromising photographs that he had taken of her.”

“My sister’s death has been a devastating blow,” Miko told The New York Post. “It was only after Titi’s death that we learned more about what she’d been going through and how her affairs were being managed.”

Titi also claimed that merely days after her sister’s death, Spadafora bombarded her grieving parents emails claiming he was in possession of a new will drafted by Titi giving him 50% of everything, he also refused to return Titi’s computer to her family until they gave him Titi’s expensive Cartier bracelet. When the exchange happened, her drive was scrubbed clean.

However, in counter documents filed by Titi’s boyfriend, he calls Miko “the bully of Brooklyn.” He claims the sisters hadn’t been on good terms since 2013, which is why Titi was removed as the beneficiary of her life insurance policy. Spadafora, who met Branch on Match.com in 2012, said the two were planning on starting a family and it was multiple rounds of in-vitro fertilization that left her drained and despondent.

“My love failed. I thought it was good enough if there wasn’t a baby,” he said.

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