Beauty Fix: 5 Rejuvenating Activities For the Weekend

weeked-relaxing-hypehairThe work week can be exhausting. Many of us have days jammed packed with work and after-work activities that leave little time to complete anything beauty related. On the weekends, when the stresses of the workplace are temporarily on hold, you may want to use that time to do something relaxing. A little something just for yourself, with no connection to the work waiting for you on Monday morning.

Although it seems time consuming, it’s so important that you take out at least a little time for the upkeep of your personal appearance and the the health of your hair, skin and nails. After giving so much of yourself all week long, focusing on you, just for a while, may be the very thing that keeps you sane!

So this, or any, weekend may you find the time to give your undivided attention to your drying hair, hang nails, chipped polish or temperamental skin. Click through to find a few relaxing beauty activities that are perfect for the weekend. Your neglected hair, skin and nails will thank you for it.

“Relax, Recharge, Renew, Restored.” ― Lailah Gifty Akita

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