Hype Chat: Vivica Fox Talks Wigs, Weaves And Boss Women

Vivica Fox with Kim KimbleVivica Fox is the ultimate Hollywood A-lister! She’s beautiful, strong and absolutely marvelous. This super-sister stars in movies and on television, produces and directs, and is an incredible entrepreneur.
Vivica, who just finished a great run on Celebrity Apprentice, took time out of her busy schedule to answer our questions about life, beauty and of course…hair!

Tell us about projects that you are working on now.
I have a film coming out called Chocolate City, which is the African American version of Magic Mike. Chocolate City also stars Robert Ri’chard, Michael Jai White, Darren Henson, and Tyson Beckford, plus Carter High, starring Charles Dutton and Pooch Hall. And, the Vivica Fox Hair Collection just got extended for three years. I’m also in the process of designing my own lingerie line with Curvy Couture.

As an actress, what do you think about there being so many women of color in leading roles on television now?
I am so thrilled to see that there are four top rated TV shows starring African American females: Kerry Washington on Scandal, Viola Davis on How To Get Away With Murder, Jada (Pinkett-Smith) on Gotham and Taraji Henson on Empire. Finally they are letting us have our time to shine. I’m very proud of my girls because they are representing!

How did you become involved in the hairstyling industry with your weave and wig collections?
I have now been involved with the Vivica Fox Hair Collection for over five years. I took over for Beverly Johnson, and I am so glad that the hair line is still here and prospering so well. Thanks to all my girls out there who love some good hair!

What’s your advice for other women who aspire to be entrepreneurs?
My advice to ladies who want to become entrepreneurs is first of all, believe in yourself. Make sure that you have a good product that you’ve taken the time to develop and that you are in complete control of, and make smart decisions! Don’t let anyone trick you into doing an investment that you don’t believe in. Stay focused, believe in yourself and know that it will not happen overnight. A successful entrepreneur knows good business takes time.

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