Detangle Natural Hair With These 11 Products and Tools

detangle-hypehairNatural girls can agree that the detangling process gets real. One of the most dreaded parts of wash day is the process of trying to detangle your mane. As much as we love long lasting styles that keep our hair tamed for weeks at a time, when the time comes to wash it out, we instantly regret our style decision.

The good news is, you’re not alone. Many have found themselves in the bathroom, on wash day, questioning their entire natural journey. It is also good to know that it does get easier. Once you learn exactly what products and tools work for your hair, you’ll hate the process much less.

Learning what works requires more than reading the packaging or watching a tutorial. All products are not created equally and neither is our hair. Many of us have several different types of beautiful hair on our head, so finding what works for you may take a little trial and error.  It’s worth it though! You can lose so much hair and hinder your growth process if you’re are treating the hair harshly and not properly detangling.

If you’re just starting your natural hair journey or having trouble in this department, here are 11 detangling products and tools that may work for you.

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