9 Best Face Washes to Combat Oily Skin This Summer

oily-skin-face-wash-hypehairWarm, summer weather brings several joys to our lives. We all could name countless things we enjoy about the summer, but one thing about warmer weather I never look forward to is shiny, oily skin. As we’ve learned, the amount of oil your skin produces has a lot to do with your pores. Although there’s not much we can do about the amount or size of our pores, we can make sure we are keeping them clean enough to avoid acne and shine. Doing so requires a deep cleaning.

I’ve been through my fair share of face washes in attempts to find the one that serves all my skincare needs. One that doesn’t cause over-drying, isn’t overly strong and one that works on active acne and fights against new breakouts. Take look below at the list of washes that work best at combating oily skin.

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