Hype Chat: Karen Civil Shares On-The-Go Beauty Essentials

Karen Civll @ Black Girls Rock! 2015

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Hype Hair: While traveling across the nation for each college speaking engagement, what’s your go-to hairstyle?
Karen Civil:
I’m big on two styles, straight or a nice bouncy curl. It’s very easy for me to maintain. I just started traveling with my EAP electric curling/flat iron which gets the job done in minimal time.

HH: What are some of the effects that constant traveling has on your hair?
KC: Depending where I’m traveling, the product intake is very high. I ask the stylist in each particular city to limit using hairsprays and other products and heating tools. My edges or leave out hair usually have a bit of damage but I make sure to let it breathe for months at a time.

HH: What beauty products do you use to make sure your makeup lasts throughout the day?
KC: My MAC powder foundation, Dior and Posh lipstick/gloss are three things that help maintain a fresh look during the long days.

HH: Do you have a personal hairstylist? If so, who?
KC: Kaye Dash from the Dash Exchange in LA, and I love Snob Life Salon in Atlanta. I’ve been going to both places for over a year now and I’ve been beyond thrilled with the changes in my hair- styles. They push me to try new things, and when I have long workout days, they do home visits to get me back intact.

HH: Let’s say you’re rushing to get to your next tour stop. What’s the one item you’d have to stop for if you didn’t have it on hand?
KC: Crest White Strips! Your smile is the most important thing. My teeth being extra white help bring out my smile. A smile is a curve that sets everything straight.

HH: List your top three celebrity style/beauty inspirations.
KC: Marjorie Harvey, Gabrielle Union and Jennifer Lopez.

HH: What’s your main goal for the Live Civil College Tour?
KC: The main goal is to have an open dialogue with the next generations of doers and thinkers. Helping them take the next step to live into their purpose.

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