Rihanna Makes History In New 3-D Film


Pop sensation Rihanna is making history yet again. She is starring in DreamWorks Animations’ Home, as the voice of a street savvy, resourceful teenager and making history as the first black leading character of a 3D animation film. We at Hype Hair would also like to point out that along with her character Tip’s big personality comes an even bigger naturally curly fro! This is a breath of fresh air to natural hair enthusiasts – and just might be the first natural hairdo on an animated lead character on the big screen.

In the film, Tip’s life flips upside down when an alien race known as the Boove invades the Earth in an attempt to escape their enemy and create a new home. They relocate the humans to a deserted planet, but Tip manages to avoid being captured. She is separated from everything she knows and while on a quest to find her mother she runs into an unexpected companion, a banished Boove named Oh. Tip and Oh go through a series of ups and downs. A recipe for an unbreakable bond.

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