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Get The Look: Taraji P. Henson’s Modern Throwback On The Cover of Modern Luxury CS

Taraji P. HensonTaraji P. Henson aka “Cookie Lyon” has graced the cover of multiple magazines (including our very own) since the premiere of television series Empire. The newest is the cover of Modern Luxury’s CS magazine where Henson is all glammed up in a champagne gown and a modern twist on the throwback wave and curl set.

Not since Carrie Bradshaw on “Sex In City” has an on-screen fashionista caused such a stir. From her infamous fur scene to the red bottoms she slips her feet into, women all over are rushing to the stores to buy what Cookie was wearing last episode.

With her hair being my favorite part, this cover shows Taraji in a classic style with poise and grace. Let me show you how to get this look at home!

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