Laid Mane: 3 Edge Tamers That Really Work

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Wondering what’s the big deal about edge tamers? We’ve got the scoop.

Let us tell you, next to having slayed tresses, laid edges are a must. We know you’ve seen those wildly hilarious Instagram meme’s poking fun at unsightly edges and silky smooth Brazilian extensions – don’t get caught slipping out here ladies.

Like many other hair care products, the amount of edge tamers on the market are endless. Trust me, I know. I’ve wasted enough money on them in the past few years that I should add edge tamer aficionado to my social media bio’s. From relaxed hair to natural and transitioning tresses, my hair has gone through every phase you could imagine so I figured I would impart my personal knowledge of edge tamers to alleviate any other unwanted tension on your precious temples – thank me later.

Click through to peep three edge tamers that really work.

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