10 Natural Hairstyles to Wear in the Workplace

natural-hair-work-hypehairPeople often question if natural hair has a place in the workplace. Is your hair professional? You may think the answer is an easy one, but because the conversation is still happening, it is obvious that we don’t agree across the board. Plus, natural hair has gone mainstream.

Scandal’s Olivia Pope, played by Kerry Washington, sparked conversation when she went from vacationing with naturally curly hair then returning “back to business” with a silkened mane. Even more recently, conversations have sparked over why How To Get Away With Murder star Viola Davis only reveals her natural hair when she’s home alone, not in any professional setting.

Your hair, your choice. But if you’re struggling with whether you should wear your naturally curly hair in the workplace, you may find this list helpful. Because, yes, curly hair can be professional! Take a look at 10 natural styles that can be worn at the office.

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