10 Qualities Your Hairstylist Should Have

Side Profile of a Woman Having Her Hair Dried with a Hair Dryer
Hairstylists are a large part of the lives of women everywhere. They start off as strangers but quickly become our friend and one of the only people we trust to tame the mane that lives on our heads. It may be difficult to¬†understand how our hair stylist can mean so much to us with so little time we spend with them, but it’s no secret that black women have a special relationship with the person who helps maintain their look. Some of us like a talkative, say-what-you-mean kind of atmosphere, while others of us prefer a more quiet, tranquil visit to the hair salon. Regardless of what you prefer, there are certain qualities we all want our hairstylist to process. What’s most important to you?

Take a look at the list below to read what qualities we like to see in our favorite hair stylist.

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