Perfectly Plucked: 7 Celebrities Whose Eyebrow Game is on Fleek

eyebrows - hypehair

Whoever said, “eyes are the window to your soul,” lied because in 2015 it’s all about eyebrows. And if they are on fleek then we’re not here for it.

Eyebrow trends regurgitate themselves time and time again, as history shows us. From pencil thin, barely there brows to full and unruly bushels, and most recently full and perfectly groomed brows are the hottest trend in beauty. Now don’t get us wrong, the lazy girl’s guide to natural brows is surely popping up everywhere from Beyonce to Rihanna and Solange, but every girl, celebrity and plain ole’ Jane in your calculus class is privy to an eyebrow pencil, an angle brush, and concealer. Right or wrong?

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