Why Trader Joe’s Coconut Oil Is My Skin’s Saving Grace

coconut oil 1 - hypehairThe coconut oil obsession is more than trendy –it’s extremely appropriate.

Who knew this edible extract would be the must-have beauty buy of women all around the world? I, myself, like many others was introduced to coconut oil’s amazingness via YouTube. Apparently, this hair, skin and overall beauty hack does it all, and naturalistas swear by this concoction to condition and hydrate their mane from root to end. So of course I had to drop into my local grocery and pick up a jar of this proclaimed problem-solving oil. To my surprise, the benefits were plentiful, but it wasn’t until five months later that I really began to cherish coconut oil.

After battling with my inflamed eczema during the harsh winter elements, I was in a beauty rut. Pre-coconut oil, I would cleanse my face morning, sometimes noon, and night, and instantly my smooth skin would turn from smooth to dry and rough. Literally, my skin would be so tight because 1) my face wash contains the highest amount of Benzoyl peroxide allowed and 2) during the harshest months weather-wise, my skin goes haywire.

So after about a week of unwanted peeling and dryness, I happened to be at Trader Joe’s doing some grocery shopping when I came across their brand’s coconut oil. I had heard rave reviews when I first started using coconut oil months back, but never went through with it because I figured their prices would be incredibly sky high as it was “organic” and “virgin” coconut oil. But Trader Joe’s Organic Virgin Coconut Oil is only $5.99 for 16 ounces, way more than I got at my local bodega.

Needless to say, that night I pulled out all my of favorite beauty products: Clarisonic and a charcoal cleanser and got to scrubbing. I followed up to a quarter-sized amount of coconut oil. Once I completed that I hopped in the shower, in hopes of the steam allowing my pores to soak in the product to the best of its ability.

And it worked!

My face was smooth to the touch and radiant. I’ve been using this same technique at night and in the morning, soothing my cracking and severely dry skin. Surely, this cheap concoction can save your skin and/or hair too.

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