8 Hairstylists Behind Our Favorite Celebrity Manes

Ursula Sephen 2 - hypehair

Ever wondered who primps Janelle Monae’s perfect nautural coif or keeps Beyonce’s tousled blonde curls on fleek at all times? So do we.

It all starts with the talented and gifted hands of these ladies and gentlemen. These hair stylists are much more than just stylists, they are confidants and therapists (as many of us can attest to) but most notably trendsetters too. One day Rihanna rocks a doobie wrap or a shaved pixie cut and women everywhere are rocking it with conviction.

Very seldom do we get to show love to the geniuses behind such powerful women, but we’re giving them their deserved shine today. Continue clicking and check out 7 hair stylists who are behind some of our favorite celebrity manes.

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