5 Reasons Why You Should Use a Netting Cap for Your Next Sew-In

UPTOWN_hair_weaveWhile we all live for a perfectly installed sew-in, there’s nothing worse than a protective style doing more harm than good. Lately, it’s as if ladies are confused about what’s proper haircare, resulting in unwanted damage like breaking and thinning. Ultimately, no one decides to get a sew-in with the idea that once they take it out, their hair will be dry and brittle, but unfortunately the protective and versatile style can often times be doing just that.

Fortunately, to reverse such problems, many are seeking out netting weave caps (a.k.a. net weaves) as their solution. The net is a perforated sheet that is sewn over the braid foundation of the sew-in, allowing for a protective barrier between the hair and the extension weft. It sounds like a lot but it’s actually quite simple, and we’ve even done the research for you.

Continue clicking to get the full scoop on this weave matter and the 5 reasons why the netting cap is beneficial for your next sew-in.

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