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Silky Naturals: My Bone Straight Hair Routine

I can honestly say, I’m sick of wash and go’s – for the moment. I have been on the road of minimalistic and this look I went for is the absolute definition of it.

I was tired of the entire process of washing, conditioning, refreshing, oiling, fluffing, and all of the above. I wanted to wake up and literally go. Braiding, twisting, and coiling wasn’t my current cup of tea either so straight I went! Most things I try for the first time are test runs. This look? A complete test run that came in first place.

My attempt to straighten my hair was after adding a leave-in from my previous slicked back bun. I had no intentions of straightening my hair so you know what I did, coated my hair with a leave-in conditioner like I was icing a cake. Yup, just ONE ingredient. No cocktail created, no extra sauce. Literally, on the rocks.

Like this video HERE if you enjoyed my methods! Which one will you be trying?