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Ashy Brown to Bold Black: 4 Tips For Switching Hair Colors

image3Be Realistic
Many colors don’t develop with the shake of a hat. Don’t set your bar high trying to achieve a color that requires steps. You may either damage your hair, or be out right disappointed. You also don’t want to be too loud, or go too dark. My natural hair color is pretty dark, so this wasn’t drastic for me. I was nowhere close to a “blonde to black” scenario. You want your hair to in the end look natural. Obviously.

Finding the RIGHT Formula
When picking hair color, its like picking detergent. There is a little something for everyone. You’ve got mousse-like formulas, applicators, liquids, gels, even sprays. I’m the old fashion boxed dye Cream de la Cream kind of girl. In my case, I dye my hair myself. I gravitate towards brands I am familiar with, saw results with, and have used products either in the past or currently. My go to was the Crème of Nature Exotic Shine Color. I chose this one because I am big on oils for shine and hydration. Being a major fan of the the LCO method, (liquid + cream + oil) to seal moisture in- this was a perfect fit for me. I’ve seen this boxed dye used on a variety of textures with remarkable results, so I decided to give it a try. El loves Argan Oil for sure. She meshes will with the Sulfate-Free Moisture & Shine Shampoo that’s infused with Argan Oil, that gently cleanses hair without harsh, moisture stripping agents, detangles, and strengthens hair while optimizing the moisture balance of the hair and scalp (Crème Of Nature product info). Choosing the right formula is a major component when dying your hair. Always read the entire box. The woman on the box does no justice.

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