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Ashy Brown to Bold Black: 4 Tips For Switching Hair Colors

image2-e1422641391115I am known for styles, colors, and having tricks up my sleeve when it comes to my hair. Its a major piece of me. Just knowing I’m calling my hair “it”, may get my into a bit of trouble, so I’ll formally introduce you to El- short for Elephant. (El-e-font) just so we’re clear.

Anyways, I was getting tired of the ash. Colors fade, and it may sound very contingent, but when my hair isn’t at its highest peek, I don’t dominate. I don’t feel like myself. As oddly as it seems, when my hair is in a rut, it reflects my mood. Hence, I am my hair.

I have been thinking about this switch for about a month now, and I finally took a dive in the deep end. There are a few things to understand when going from any color to black. You want to incorporate these four major things when making the switch. 

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