Face Shaving and Other Bizarre Beauty Trends You Have to Try

UPTOWN_disposable_razorsA new beauty trend for women is taking a page from the men’s grooming book. There are ladies who now swear by shaving their faces. And dermatologists are endorsing the idea.

Dr. Michael Prager, an aesthetic clinician who has a practice in London, says: “From an anti-aging point of view, home shaving has some effect. It’s like a mild form of microdermabrasion, so encourages collagen production, which reduces wrinkles. Whenever there’s trauma to the skin, collagen is stimulated to help cell renewal.”

Dr. Prager denounces the myth that the (often very fine) hair on women’s faces will grow back thicker and darker. “The notion that shaving influences regrowth is wrong,” he says. “People might think hair looks thicker because it comes out at a different angle or blunt, rather than tapered to a natural point, but it won’t be changed on a cellular level.”

Dr. Neal Schultz, another dermatologist, argues that regular shaving may be the reason men are thought to age better than women. “Most men shave their faces — and thereby exfoliate two-thirds of their face — regularly for years,” he says. “That’s the reason that by their 30s and 40s, men’s skin often looks better than women’s skin.”

Although the thought of shaving your face to avoid wrinkles may seem a bit odd, it’s only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to odd beauty rituals. Check out some of the strange lengths people are willing to go to for beauty at UPTOWN.