Cupboard Confessions: 8 Unexpected Items That Will Give You Happy and Healthy Hair

cupboard - hypehairWhoever said you had to break the bank for quality hair products lied.

With the organic and raw product craze on fleek, it seems like we’ve all been blinded by pretty packaging and gimmicky tag lines. Yet, the last place most of us are looking for hair products is actually the best place in our opinion –– the kitchen. Surprise, surprise.

Many products that are in our cupboards and refrigerators are great for our hair too. That apple cider vinegar you use on salad is actually a great clarifying agent, and that syrup you coat your pancakes with each morning is the best moisturizer you’ve probably come across. Who knew?

Flip through the next few pages and check out 8 unexpected  items that will give you happy and healthy hair.

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