10 Natural Hair Confessions


bonnet-hypehairWhen it comes to natural hair, if we’re honest with ourselves, we all have our good days, our bad days and our “what did I get myself into?” days. We’ve all have looked at another natural with hair envy, skipped a wash day or opted out of a trim, even if we never admit it. But because the natural hair process can be a daunting one, it helps not to take ourselves too seriously. There are some things that we do that look absolutely ridiculous.

I’m sure there are some natural hair gurus who always use the most healthy products, never use heat and always follow their strict regimen, but most of us are still trying to figure out exactly what works.

If you’re the latter, you’ll probably be able to relate to the natural hair confessions below. It always helps to know you’re not the only one. Take a look through 10 thoughts you may share. These are my confessions.


1. There is nothing cute about me in a bonnet, but it’s absolutely necessary in order for me to look presentable in the morning. The grandma-style bonnets are a natural girl’s best friend.

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