Here’s How to Look Your Best in a Celebrity-Style Selfie

unnamedIf you didn’t already know, there levels to this selfie frenzy.

While Kim Kardashian dazzled millions of Super Bowl watchers last night (Feb. 1) with her favorite way to use her T-Mobile cellphone data, we must admit we too are guilty of the popular and utterly vain self-portrait.

But celebrities aren’t the only ones with the ability to master the best selfie. You can also have thousands of double taps like Beyonce, Rihanna, and Nicki Minaj with a few simple steps.

From lighting to angles and more, there are a few ways to take the perfect selfie–with one shot. So ladies, it’s time to put your best selfie forward and do it from the ‘Gram. Check out the 5 ways to look the best for the best selfie ever


1. Work every angle.
It’s all about the angles, ladies. Selfies shouldn’t be stiff. Holding your cellphone at an angle at arm’s length or at a high angle gives the impression of a slender face and banging bone structure.

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