Get Glam: The Power of Simplicity

get-glam-hypehair6Sometimes you can make the biggest beauty statements by going a little understated with your makeup. When you’re a natural beauty like our model, you don’t have to utilize heavy foundations or bright colors to hone in on your features. Simply keeping it light and a little refined with your approach is a great way to go.

For example, frosted colors look great on naturally pretty girls! Using eye shadow and lipstick color palettes with faint peach and other earthy hues are the cornerstones of this beautiful look. Neutral colors are captivating without being too overbearing on delicate features.

To build up the eyes, we always suggest starting with an eye shadow primer before applying any eye shadow. This step helps your shadow to last longer.

After primer application, apply the peach-toned shade from IMAN Cosmetics Eyeshadow Duo to the upper lids, and the darker shade to the crease of the lids.

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