8 Celebrity Male Activists We Love

MADE PRESENTS THE BLIND BARBER FOR GILLETTE LAUNCH2014 really showed us which male celebrities were more than just stars but also people too, that cared about the equality and justice for all.

With the racial tension that increased heavily in 2014, we saw two types of celebs, the ones that used their influence for good and those that didn’t. We don’t judge others on how they react to their call to action but we do fall more in love with the ones that see the importance of the bigger picture. With Selma telling the younger generation what it was like in the 60s to the #BlackLivesMatter movement, flip the page to check out the eight male activist we love.


Before he was apart of making history with Selma, he was socially aware and active in what’s going on with the violence in his home city of Chicago and any issues that involved the black community.

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