Call to Action: Help Change The Media’s Representation of Black Women

Thankfully, I was fortunate to experience an era before social media ruled everything. Music videos weren’t all pornographic and reality stars weren’t more popular than celebrities with actual talent. Everything wasn’t hyper-sexualized and women’s body parts didn’t all have price tags on them. I didn’t know what a sugar daddy was, plastic surgery nor twerking until I hit my teens, but the same can’t be said for children growing up in this generation. Whether they have great parents or not, young girls have access to just as much information as grown women and that’s a scary reality.

It takes a village now more than ever to clean up the mess, and it’s our job as older, smarter women to hold ourselves (and our actions) accountable for the impressionable eyes we don’t know are watching.

I’ve made some mistakes and I wasn’t always appreciating myself, body image and mind, but I quickly learned from my indiscretions before I did something completely stupid and everlasting. Wale sparked the conversation that’s murmured in households and forums, so now it’s time to continue it, but louder.

Today, look at yourself in the mirror and make sure the image you see back is worth looking at.

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