Call to Action: Help Change The Media’s Representation of Black Women

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Wale’s latest blog about black women and bringing the integrity of Black Hollywood back is a much needed convo-starter and call to action.

The DC-bred rapper opens up about the entertainment business and our position there, speaking the truth on how black women are being perceived online and in the media. To combat the downward spiral he feels the image of black women is taking, for his new video “The Body,” his mission was to “trick these dudes into looking a little deeper” than a woman’s appearance.

Now we as women have two options: we can stop allowing the misrepresentation of our minds through the exploitation of our body images, or we can continue to degrade ourselves and allow our pride to be taken from us.

It’s important to remember that no amount of money or Likes is worth your self-esteem. And if you’re not caught up in Instagram shine or selling your body for fame, your responsibility is to spread that gem of wisdom and allow more beautiful, smart, natural looking ladies to flourish. If every woman raised their standards and helped others do the same, the positive images we grew up on (Lisa Bonet, Jada Pinkett Smith, etc.) will be seen again, especially in the media space. Now, we can’t go as far as to say that there are no black women role models but we could stand to have a few more.

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