Aaliyah’s Most Iconic Looks


Before Rihanna and Beyoncé were revered as highly as they are today, there was Aaliyah.

She set the bar for young women of the ’90s to take over the 2000s in all spectrums of the entertainment business. Despite her career being short-lived due to a tragic accident, her legacy still echoes loudly more than a decade after her passing. Why? Because her talent was eminent and her style was unforgettable.

Known for her long hair, one-sided swoop, sunglasses, baggy pants, and tight midriff tops, the princess of R&B’s style has become iconic. She was a breath of fresh air and style. In an industry that was full of copycats, Aaliyah started her own lane.

Although she is gone, she’s not forgotten! Flip the page to check out some of her best looks, many of which are still inspiring us today. 

–Sharifa Daniels

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