Dear White People: Full Lips Are Not A New Trend

kylie-lips-hypehairTwitter erupted when fashion blog The Social suggested that Kylie Jenner’s newly debuted full lips are a new beauty trend. “Kylie Jenner, Kim Kardashian’s 17-year-old sister, has become the poster child for what’s expected to be this year’s biggest (no pun intended) beauty trend: plump lips,” it read.

And as you can guess, collectively, black girls worldwide, especially those who were born with big, full natural lips, responded, “Excuse me?”

Now if you’re anything like me, you spent the first five minutes after this tweet was posted in complete awe. Just how can a feature that black people have been ridiculed for during their entire existence become a trend the moment a rich white girl deems it attractive?

But the beauty (pun intended) of such an entitled declaration was #TwitpicYourTrendyLips. Check the hashtag and you’ll not only see beautiful natural lips galore, but also just how many tweeters were offended by the notion that Kylie Jenner made big lips cool. Some of the pics are even accompanied by stories of how black girls were personally ridiculed by the very thing the young Kardashian offspring is now praised for.

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