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My Accidental Skin Regimen

cetaphil moisterizer hypehairI stumbled upon not one, but two staples that will forever be in my daily skin regimen all from an accidental use. Returning from a long city night with a full face of make-up, I was bound to fall in love with this duo. I do what most women do; if I’m sauced, wipe off my lipstick, and the rest can wait until the morning; or I grab a baby wipe hoping three swipes is enough. Not this time. For once, I wasn’t in a rush to get into the bathroom, so a friend of mine, did her usual routine, and of course I attempted to do mine. False!

Walking into the bathroom, I noticed a bottle on the sink with a broken pump, and the first thing I made out on it was, “Gentle Skin Cleanser.” I just knew this was THE day. Her skin is always so flawless, clear, and always looks like butter. So I figured, this is the key! The first thing I do when picking up a product is smell it. It had a light scent, wasn’t too thick, was clear, and her bottled looked like it was a “staple.” Girl, the bottle pump was broke, which means, she took that everywhere she went- from the shower to The Six (my place).

Most facial cleansers, are rough on my skin, and most times, leaves it dry. I wet my face, opened up the Cetaphil, poured it into my hand, and massaged my face. This not only removed my make-up, but it moisturized my face as if I put lotion on it already. Since I didn’t know what I was missing, I proceeded to pat my face dry with a clean face cloth, and flick the bathroom light. As usual, I “needed” something from Walgreens, so I went in there fishing for it, and I stumbled upon the LOTION! Score! I have recently became a girl who uses an entire collection for complete fulfillment whether it be hair or beauty, and I can honestly say, this duo is something I recommend you snatch up. The lotion is a light hydration for sensitive skin. And both, the facial cleanser and lotion are un-scented.

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