Get Glam: Transform Your Silky Straight Hair To This Bevy of Waves

Screen Shot 2015-01-04 at 8.02.28 PMThere’s nothing like a good ole makeover to put some pep in your step, especially on a drab Monday!

Whether it’s a new hairdo or new colors in your makeup palette, the time is ripe for a change up.

This look exudes simple glamour; the side-sweep is one of our favorites! Our model’s straight hair has been transformed into a soft bevy of waves. Begin this look by thoroughly cleansing the hair. Try Soft Sheen Carson Roots of Nature Remedies Shea Butter Green Tea Nurturing Repair Shampoo. This cleanser intensely nourishes the hair and scalp and promotes hair growth. Follow up by deep conditioning and blow-drying.

Separate the hair in smaller sections. The smaller the sections, the more defined your curls will be. Begin curling the hair with your Carino Curling Iron from the midpoint of each section of the hair to the very tips. Hold in place for a few sections and then release until the hair is curled all over. Let your curls set before lightly combing them out. Sweep one side of the hair over one shoulder and pin in place to complete the style.


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