15 Celebs That Should Ditch Their Weaves in 2015

BeyonceDespite many celebs who have joined the natural hair movement, their pictures say otherwise. When you see women take the plunge and rid themselves of chemically processed tresses, they either do the big chop—go super short—or grow out their perm.

However, if you were to ask us which celebs were natural, we would miss many names because there are still many that hide their natural tresses under the invisibility weave/wig cloak. But we’re hoping that for 2015, more celebs support the natural hair movement by ditching their hair hats and rocking their god-given mane outwardly (see: Tracee Ellis Ross).

With a week until we’re ringing in the New Year, flip the page to check out the 15 celebs that should ditch the weave and rock the real in 2015.


What bigger wave to get women to love their natural hair status than if Beyonce shows off her love of her own? Plus, if Blue’s showing the world that natural is better with her thick head full of hair, why shouldn’t Bey?

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