5 Must-Read Tips on How to Make Love to Your Curls

tracee-ellis-ross-curlsNo one told me that rocking my curls was such hard work. Unless you have wash-and-go hair—and that’s literally less than 10% of us—you spend a lot of time styling your hair. From twisting to braiding it—fly and fresh tresses need lots of love. So how do you make love to your curls? Glad you asked! There’s five things you absolutely need in order to curate the perfect curls.

1. Water
This is the ultimate moisturizer. As a natural girl you don’t have to fear the rain or humid weather anymore. Our curls LOVE water! Invest in a water bottle and have at it with those curls. Update your curls daily with a little water, and as a bonus add a little leave in conditioner to your concoction.

2. Deep conditioning
A weekly deep conditioning is a must for you beauties. It’s the perfect way to see what your curls are lacking. If after your deep conditioning your hair is still flat, dry and frumpy, it’s probably time for a protein treatment.

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