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Give Your Scalp A Spa Day Using Carol’s Daughter Lisa’s Hair Elixir

IAMH-lisa-hair-elixir-hypehairThere’s no other way for me to describe my itchy scalp without being dramatic. Lets just say, I don’t have flees, I just need to be treated. It was wash day Monday, and my scalp was on E. It had been through its daily slick back, sloppy bun, and finally, the day had come. I had stretched my comb over look alike purposely for my special delivery, Lisa’s Hair Elixir. This line was created to promote healthy hair growth in a 4 step curl cocktail.

Before any and all processes, I detangle and section my hair to prevent shedding or breakage while maneuvering. I started with the dynamic duo “fortifying scalp spray + restoring hair oil“, I separated my hair into sections using clips to expose my scalp. Using the spray, My first focus was on my problem areas- my sides, and crown. Not only are those the driest spots, they’re the sensitive spots on my head.

Picking up the spray, I immediately read what it was used for, opposed to just knowing it was something to relieve my over due scalp. It has ingredients like cedar leaf to soothe the scalp, camphor oil to stimulate blood circulation, and rosemary oil, to strengthen the scalp. LIFESAVER! When the spray and my scalp met, I could hear the choir singing!

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