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Get The Look: Zendaya Coleman at 2014 American Music Awards

459480286There are a few ways to accomplish this look, but here is the healthiest option for your hair:

Start with damp, clean and conditioned hair. If your hair is relaxed, start with saturating your hair with Lottabody setting lotion (follow the instructions on the bottle). If your hair is natural, saturate your hair with Lottabody setting lotion and a curl cream/product.

For type 2 and type 3 hair, try Aveda’s Be Curly Style Prep. For type 4 hair, try Design Essentials Natural Curl Stretching Cream. Curl Cream can also be applied to each section of your hair as you go.

Next, you will need spiral Curlformers. I recommend corkscrew Curlformers by Hair Flair. Part your hair in small sections and comb through/detangle. Apply the spiral Curlformer correctly for your hair length using the styling hook (with the hook facing upwards) to encase the hair from root to tip to give volume and all-over curls. Use different colored Curlformers to create curls in different directions, giving a more natural look.

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