Say Hello to Erykah Badu’s Old School High-Top Fade

erykah-badu-high-top-fade-hype-hair Erykah Badu has always evoked attention-grabbing style, from the tips of her shoes to the strands on her head. But her new, daring do’ was quite the shocker.

Compliments of hairstylist Chuck Amos, who can be seen adding finishing touches to the tall order, the queen soulstress debuted an old school fade on her Facebook page with the caption “Still high and faded…”

Reactions from her fans spanned from love to questionable, but the hairstyle is all for the love of Givenchy. This past December, the brand announced its marriage to Badu for an iconic ad campaign.

Well, they’re certainly making headway. Are you into Badu’s fresh (and possibly temporary) look?


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