5 Products Your Nails Need After a Gel Or Acrylic Manicure

7nailsI love getting my nails done just like any other woman, but even I know when I need to lay off of the gel manicures. Yes, they last for two weeks! And, yes, I don’t have any chips! But, the UV exposure and harsh chemicals my nails endure during the process is nothing the take lightly. And unfortunately, friends of mine who actually opt for acrylic nails are in for an even ruder awakening when they finally decide to give their nails a rest.

However, the repair process doesn’t have to be painful.

Here are a handful of products that can help your nails get back to tip-top shape and give them some much-needed TLC after gel or acrylic removal. (Tip: Keep getting your weekly/bi-weekly manicure in the process because that can speed up the growth process as well.)

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