Sanaa Lathan’s Beautiful Style and Haircare Tips

Sanaa LathanSanaa Lathan is a shining example of being beautiful from the inside out, and this is due to her grace and humility both on and off screen. When we asked her how she stayed motivated, she replied, “I just feel so appreciative to be doing what I’m doing and to have had the level of success that I’ve had. For me, my daily practice is of gratitude and constantly putting my focus on what’s going well.”

On the beauty tip, Sanaa appreciates a simple regimen. “I try to use organic products and I always get my lotions and oils from Whole Foods. I also make sure I wash my face before I go to sleep and drink lots of water.”

To unwind from a busy day on set, Sanaa loves to treat herself to a long Shiatsu massage and spend some time relaxing in the sauna. “I like to do a rotation from the sauna to the cold pool for 45 minutes, which is really amazing.”
As for her haircare routine, Sanaa uses Kim Kimble haircare products. “She’s one of my hairdressers and she has the best products! I love her Ginger Crème Conditioner, and twice a month, I like to do her hot oil treatments.”

Larry Sims, another of her hairstylists, has some sage advice that we all can benefit from. Here are his haircare tips:

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