The Art of Texlaxing with Creme Of Nature’s Straight from Eden


Texlaxed hair refers to hair that is intentionally under-processed with the same chemicals as relaxers. The final look is more textured than relaxed hair, but straighter than natural, chemical-free hair.

Texlaxing creates more body in straight hair or provides a looser curl pattern for those who want to wear their hair curly. This is a great option for women who like to wear their hair straight yet want more body, volume and texture. For women who like to wear their hair curly but want to have looser curls, this process stretches the natural hair for more length.

With texlaxing, you leave the relaxer on for less time so you are actually under processing your hair, so it’s not super straight and some of your natural texture remains.

Why is this unique?

The key to texlaxing is minimizing the time your hair is relaxed, and you can do that by keeping the chemicals on your hair for a short amount of time.

In the past, relaxers got a bad rap for being too harsh or strong if the hair was over processed (usually from leaving the chemicals on too long), but with this technique you are doing the opposite, so it’s gentler on your hair.

If you are transitioning from permed straight to naturally curly, you can use the texlaxing method to ease the transition. Be sure not to overlap the relaxer on the previously relaxed hair or leave the straightener on too long or it will straighten your hair.

For those who want to loosen their natural texture, texlaxing loosens the hair’s bonds for a looser texture, and softer hair. Be careful and don’t leave it on too long.

It’s great for people who have texture but want a little more drop or definition in their curls because their natural hair may have shrunk.

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