Here’s the Secret to Gabrielle Union’s Beautiful Skin

Gabrielle UnionGabrielle Union causes envy at every camera angle. From her silly yet stunning Instagram posts to her silver screen shots, the 42-year-old actress shows off ageless, beautiful, dewy skin that we’re dying to have.

So what’s her secret? “The biggest thing that changed my life, the best anti-aging secret weapon, is that in my mid-thirties I started drinking a gallon of water a day,” she told ELLE magazine. “It’s made a tremendous difference with my hair, skin, and nails… It’s something that everyone has access to and it not only helps with your beauty, it also helps with your fitness and digestion.”

While we know water is probably not the sole reason this brown-skinned bombshell looks so youthful, it’s nice to know we can somewhere. It’s difficult to guzzle down that much H2O daily, but Gabby gives some good tips.

“… Try to drink half of it by noon and then just casually drink the other half until 6:00 p.m, after then it gets a little tricky,” she said. “Just try and do as much as you can early.”

Her other key to being beautiful is actually more gospel than anything glass of water.

“It goes back to just being kind to yourself, letting yourself off the hook, and letting yourself enjoy life and everything that life has to offer. Ultimately, that makes me look a little younger, happier, and better,” she adds. “I think spending a little bit more time being yourself and a little bit more time around things that make you happy—if that’s a cupcake, it’s a cupcake; if that’s your friends, it’s your friends; if it’s your man, it’s your man—that’s another beauty tip. Spending time around people who stress you out will age you faster than anything.”

Drink up and smile bright, beauties!

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