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Get The Look: Solange Knowles’ Trend-Setting Look at Derby Day


This look is great for my naturalistas with chin- or shoulder-length hair. First part damp hair into 4 sections. Work in a 1-3 drops of argan oil (depending on thickness of hair) to each section to seal in moisture. Also, spray each section of your hair with heat protectant and comb through with a wide tooth comb to distribute product and detangle hair.

Next, set your blow dryer to medium or low speed and heat each section by stretching and holding hair tight. Angle dryer in downward motion using a directional/concentrator nozzle and blow dry down the shaft of the hair. If hair gets tangled in the process, use wide tooth comb and fingers to detangle. Add 1-2 drops of argan oil to each section after drying if ends feel dry or brittle. This method will allow you to minimize shrinkage without losing thickness and texture for the style.

Starting at the back section, curl each section with a 1-inch wand and 1/2-inch wand. Switching back and forth with each size iron will give more body and create a dimensional look. When finished, finger through curls and style as desired. Lastly, spray Motions Hold & Shine Styling Spray.

To Get Solange’s Makeup Look:

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