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My Latest Curl Cocktail + Selfie Overload: Creme of Nature |ApHogee| Cantu

img_5998I decided that it was time I tried a new cocktail. I dug in my Family Dollar Fabulous stash, pulled out, and poured my new curl quencher. I should probably create a cocktail journal with photos attached in my notes since apple answered my prayers with this new update (tootsie rolls) so I can never forget what ingredients I used on these “good hair days”.

With the oodles of selfies I took this morning, you could probably tell, I was feeling myself just a little. Shamelessly, I posted this to Instagram, and people fail to realize, I too have bad hair days.

I try so much stuff, get busy, and never remember what I used on days like this. Today, this bad habit was tossed out with my morning trash.

Here’s the scoop of my curl cocktail:

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