10 Tips For Weave-Wearers

10 Tips For Weave-WearersSo you’ve finally decided to go ahead a try a weave, but you are a little nervous about taking that first step and need a few tips before taking the plunge.

We’ll, we’ve got you covered! Check out these noteworthy, need-to-know weave tips before going for that hot new style!

1. When wearing a weave, you still have to maintain good hair care. Many, however, avoid shampooing their weave because of the hassle of tangles. In order to prevent tangling, shampoo the weave in one direction without rigorously wringing the hair.

2. After you shampoo a weave, it should be dried thoroughly in order to prevent mildew and odor caused by damp hair. Sit under a hooded dryer until the weave and your natural hair is completely dry.

3. Weaves tend to look dry over time, especially if you are not protecting it at night like you would your own natural hair. Wrap the weave at night and cover with a satin bonnet or scarf. Keeping the weave covered at night prevents the hair from looking dull and dr y over time.

4. When shampooing a weave, use products that are made specifically for weaves to help it to last longer.

5. Use a wig brush to style your weave. Wig brushes are made with bristles that help prevent shedding and tearing so that the hair won’t look thinned out and they are great for styling weaves.

6. When having a weave installed, be sure that the foundation is not too tight. If the cornrows are too tight and the weave is sewn onto the foundation too tightly, it can do major damage to your natural hair.

7. Avoid using heavy oils directly on a weave. This takes away from the natural sheen of the weave hair over time.

8. Always remember that removing a weave takes as much care as installing one. Never pull, yank or rip tracks out. Cut each piece of thread carefully and gently remove the track so that you don’t damage or tear your natural hair in the process.

9. If you choose to wear a bond in glue weave, be sure to place the glue a half an inch away from the scalp to prevent damage and to allow the scalp to breathe. When removing bonding glue, apply a generous amount of bond glue remover to the track and gently remove after letting the remover set for a few minutes.

10. Be sure to keep the scalp moisturized as you wear a weave. Especially if you are wearing a weave with synthetic hair. Synthetic hair tends to be drying over time.