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Bye Bye Dry Hair!

masque-dry-hair-hypehairWith the many faces we put on daily, its time to grab a masque and get to work. Whether you are dry, oily, or a little of both depending on the morning after- here is a guide for you to handle it in the words of Olivia Pope!

These simple 1,2,3 steps per masques will have your hair ready to walk out the door before you can even put on your face. You’re mane will be shiny, moisturized , and balanced without a doubt. Open up your fridge, cabinets, and pull out the blender- its time for a little DIY!

Each masque can sit on your hair for up to 60 minutes after blending to a creamy like texture, rinse with lukewarm water, shampoo and condition with your usual sulfate free products, and style as usual.